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We are building and forming  Ministry Network Connection Groups across the United States.  The Ministry Network Connection Groups meet regularly to share the joys of ministry, encourage each other through the challenges, and support each other in achieving our common goal of drawing others of ALL ages closer to Christ.   When there is a ministry connection within 1 hour of a member's location, the connection group members will be notified by email with group members' contact information. 


If you are willing to be a leader of your connection group and did not indicate such on your membership registration, please email The Ministry Network at for assistance in arranging a connection meeting with your connection group.  

We have over 192 members in 35 states and many are looking to form connection groups in  their states.  

Groups have been created in theses states.












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New groups are forming each week.  

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Alabama (1 group) 

Arkansas (1 group)

California(2 groups)

Colorado (1 group)

Florida (3 groups)

Georgia(3 groups)

Iowa (1 group)

Illinois(2 groups)

Louisiana(2 groups)

Maryland(1 group)

Michigan(2 groups)

Montana(1 group)

North Carolina(2 groups)

New Jersey(1 group)

Ohio(8 groups)

Oklahoma(1 group)

Pennsylvania (4 groups)

Tennesee(1 group)

Texas(3 groups)

Virginia(2 groups)

Washington(1 group)

West Virginia(1 group)