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About Us

The Ministry Network is an ecumenical group of Children, Youth, and Christian Education Leaders in the United States.  Groups can share resources, hold brainstorming sessions, and support one another on a professional and personal level. Groups can travel together to ministry conferences and share the knowledge and information gained with the entire group.  Working together, you are able to host yearly events that alone, you would not be able to do such as a parent conference and a leadership renewal retreat.  We hope that each group finds their monthly gatherings as a great renewing time in both your professional and spiritual life.  

The Ministry Network was created to be a hub for ministry leaders and volunteers of any denomination to connect with each other in their geographical areas.  We would like to encourage ministry leaders to connect to encourage, share resources and knowledge, and support each other in all areas of ministry. 

Meet the Consultants

Stacy Becker has been in children and family ministry for over 20 years beginning as a volunteer with children in her church and community.  She has served in a variety of church settings including a traditional size downtown church, an over 500 member program sized church and a rural family church. She has passion for family ministry with the goal of equipping families with faith skills that they can share with one another. Stacy is a founding member of The Ministry Network.

Marie Grmek was raised in the church and attended every service available growing up, though not always willingly. Because of this, she took a break from church for a while, but rediscovered the love of not only a church family, but God as well. Since then, she has developed a passion for sharing the love of Jesus with others. Her volunteer career began many years ago as a Sunday school teacher, and then a counselor at her church’s sportscamp. 4 years later, she managed to snag the role as director of sportscamp, and she has run it with a loving heart for many years now, since 2007. She has served as the Children’s Ministry Director at her church since 2009. Her goal is to connect families to their faith outside the church walls and make it a lifelong practice. Marie is a founding member of The Ministry Network and Children’s Ministry Alliance.

After several years of involvement at her church, Tammy Palermo felt God tugging at her heart to interview for the Director of Children & Family Ministries in 2007. When she started this new adventure, God placed Marie and Stacy in her path knowing she would need them! Over the years, Tammy's passion for sharing Jesus with kids and families has grown and continues to blossom. With a degree in music education and her love of musical theatre, Tammy has been able to merge all of these passions into the Truth & Light Players theatre ministry at her church.